A captivating title sequence is an integral part of how the audience experiences a story. It’s an introduction to the world, the characters, and the themes of the show. It has to look great, set the tone, and be eminently re-watchable. It should be a treat week after week, a beautiful fusion of design and storytelling that welcomes the viewers and is always a pleasure to watch. We’ve created some of the most iconic title sequences in the industry, including top notch work for KTN


Most of us spend a great portion of our day staring at a screen. We live our lives online and have grown exhausted with everything digital. Technological advancements have provided platforms for many to have a voice and create beautiful images. But what makes strong visual content stand out from the fray?

Through our creative approach at Amran Visuals we can help you:

  • Amplify your brand personality and portray your identity with eloquence and craft.
  • Ask hard questions that uncover nuances and details that resonate strongly with your message.
  • Find the most captivating images that compliment your integrity and values.
  • Discover how powerful your story can be.

We create anything in motion for every screen. Live Event Video, Awards Shows, Conference Videos, Commercials, Documentaries, Marketing Videos, Customer Testimonials and Corporate Communications. Your message has never looked better.


Motion graphics combines design, animation, typography and various other creative elements into a beautiful melody or story. Motion Graphics are a complex and creative process. Whether you’re looking for some motion graphics to spice up an existing video project or need fully-animated 2D/3D graphics, we have the skill and the talent to deliver on-time and on-budget.


Everywhere you look these days 3D is “Popping Up.” More so, the world of storytelling opens up wide when you can make nearly anything you can imagine. We proudly offer 3d product modeling and animation and 3D Architectural Visualization.