Working on Water to Dust was an immensely rewarding creative experience for me.

The documentary sheds light on the world’s largest desert lake, which is found in northern Kenya. Lake Turkana is a unique and beautiful world heritage site, home to many fishermen and pastoralists. The lake is under threat from a series of dams and plantations under construction on Ethiopia’s Omo River, which provides the lake with 90% of its water. This film showcases the area’s beauty, people, threats, and ongoing activism to protect the lake.

Being such a big fan of Director Mitchelle Jangara’s work, it was amazing to be able to immediately establish a great working relationship together. Our mutual trust and open dialogue with one another made this one of my personal favorite documentary projects to date.

I delivered the entire graphics package for the documentary, including the opening title sequence and all the graphic inserts.

Documentary Graphics

Besides the title card, I delivered various graphics to introduce the locations and characters of the documentary. Designing them was an iterative process, as I wanted my solution to emphasize the theme of the docu as much as possible.

In the end I delivered 7 location inserts, some with elaborate animations to give viewers a better understanding of the often complex shifts between different towns. I also created 10 character inserts and carried out some minor animation work.